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Our Crops

Our plantation is located in the town of Carmen de Viboral in northwestern Colombia. With a diverse climate and fertile grounds, the area’s soil produces some of the most vibrant hydrangeas in the world.

At Eden Hydrangeas, our flowers are harvested by highly qualified cultivators who are passionate about their work and meticulously carry out every step of the process, making each hydrangea unique and special.

International Shipping

We distribute hydrangeas wholesale and retail within the U.S., as well as to South Korea, El Salvador, Dubai and Japan.

We have vast logistic experience in the floral industry. We understand the importance of time, and know that a fast delivery is essential for long-lasting buds. That is why you when you order from Eden Hydrangeas, you can always expect to have your flowers delivered to you fresh, right when you need them.

Fresh, Quality Hydrangeas

At Eden Hydrangeas, fresh flowers and your satisfaction are our top priorities. We have been running hydrangea farms for many years and know what it takes to produce the freshest kind around. 

We cherish our hydrangeas, which is why we work hard to ensure that each hand-picked stem is specially cared for — given the right amount of water, trimmed at the right cutting stage, and safely prepared, stored and distributed to meet the highest industry standards. From our farm to your door, we invite you to experience the freshness and quality of Eden Hydrangeas.

Take Your Floral Business to the Next Level

Our mission is to make your customers happy with your flowers — our hydrangeas. More than a supplier, we are your business partners. Beyond our product, you can come to us with questions and you can count on us for direction when it comes to building your company in the floral industry. We believe in supporting our customers and helping them achieve their goals — your success is our

Freshness & Quality

The Most Amazing Hydrangeas From Colombia to the World

our flowers and foliage are available to a wide variety of markets

Our clients run the gamut from florists to event planners to supermarket and more owners. No matter what line of business you’re in, our goal is to always provide you with the freshest hydrangeas around.

"Why Eden Hydrangeas? For the great variety of hydrangeas and the exceptional service."

Racheal Jordan

"Loved it! Every time we place an order from Eden, we get the freshest flowers and the most incredible colors."

Anthony Belfort


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